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Hawaii is often considered the “proving grounds”.  These islands, located in the most remote part of the Pacific Ocean, can be both an exhilarating and dangerous frontier. More so than almost anywhere on earth confidence, physical fitness, and knowledge are of paramount importance to enjoyment and often survival in these demanding conditions.

Benjamin Zyons is the owner and lead instructor at Freedive Hawaii. A Waterman through and through, salt water literally runs in his veins. Courses at Freedive Hawaii are a specially designed combination of Ben’s passion for freediving which has taken him over 300ft, decades of deep Spearfishing for big game, and paddling into massive waves with the world’s best at his local surf break the infamous Jaws on Maui’s Northshore.

Freedive Hawaii strives to provide the highest level of freediving specific breath-hold training and guided ocean adventure for both local kama’aina and ocean enthusiasts from around the globe. Whether you’re looking to make the deepest dive of your life, ride a monster wave, or simply explore the sport of breath-hold diving to become more comfortable in the ocean there’s no better place than Freedive Hawaii to safely hone your ocean exploration skills.