Are you interested in exploring the beauty of our underwater world! The transformative powers of Freediving aren’t just for thrill seekers or adventurers they’re for everyone!

At Freedive Hawaii we teach freedivers from complete beginner through advanced freediving competitor and every level in between. Our comprehensive classes teach fundamental techniques for healthy breathing, relaxation, mental concentration, aquatic adaptation, equalization, and improved performance both above and below the ocean’s surface.


Freediving Courses Freediving Training Sessions Guided Freediving Experiences Freediving Equipment Rentals

Freediving Courses

Individual Freediving Course Pricing:

(8am-Noon Daily) 

PADI Level-1 Freediver (2-Day) $445/person (max depth 16m/53ft), includes PADI E-Learner  


PADI Level-2 Freediver (3-Day) $625/person (max depth 24m/79ft), includes PADI Certification Card *dive computer required


PADI Level-3 Freediver (4-Day) $825/person (max depth 40m/131ft), includes PADI Certification Card *dive computer & lanyard required


Private Freediving Course Pricing:

(8am-Noon Daily)

PADI Level-1 Freediver (2-Day) $1779 (max depth 16m/53ft), includes PADI E-Learner  


PADI Level-2 Freediver (3-Day) $2499 (max depth 24m/79ft), includes PADI Certification Card *dive computer required


PADI Level-3 Freediver (4-Day) $3299 (max depth 40m/131ft), includes PADI Certification Card *dive computer & lanyard required

Multi-day freediving courses include freedive specific physiology, yoga, pool and
daily ocean sessions designed to increase overall confidence, skill & performance
underwater. Your PADI e-learner ($45), Level-2/Level-3 Freediving Certifications ($30/ea) and all boat fees are included in course costs.


We stock a full selection of top quality freediving equipment from Torelli USA Spearfishing, HiHeat Wetsuits & CETMA composites which is available for both rent or purchase. 


Our PADI certified staff incorporates the most up-to-date training methods & modern techniques
for freediving into our educational system; meaning fitness, yoga, holistic
exercises, & technology used by the majority of the top level freediving competitors &
spearfishermen for the development of depth & breath-hold time.


We regularly design immersive and completely custom yoga, freediving, breath-work, & training packages which run over a longer duration (weeks/months) if time/budget allow and freediving as a lifestyle is something you’re interested in dedicating yourself towards!


Kama’aina discount for individuals (10%) when course balance is paid in
full (no refunds or cancellations)*


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Freediving Training Sessions

Are you thinking about taking a freediving class or looking for an introduction to the sport? Have you taken a freediving course & need to further your certification or complete existing course requirements? Are you training for freediving competition & need more depth or access to specialized freediving equipment? 

Whatever your reasons our Freediving Training Sessions are the perfect opportunity for you to GO DEEPER!!!


Individual Freedive Coaching Pricing:

(8am-11am Daily)

Single Session (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!!): $279


COME TRAIN!!! with the Maui Freedivers Training Club (@mauifreedivers on Instagram). Weekly training sessions for certified freedivers - offering unlimited depth, current free conditions, quality equipment & safe partners 300+ days a year!!!


Returning Student Without Freediver Certification: $179 - CALL/TEXT (808).868.6474 to BOOK 


Certified Freediver Visiting (card required): $89 - CALL/TEXT (808).868.6474 to BOOK


Certified Freediver Kama'aina (card required): $45 - CALL/TEXT (808).868.6474 to BOOK


Kama'aina Punch Card (4 sessions): $125 - CALL/TEXT (808).868.6474 to BOOK


Private Freedive Coaching Pricing:

(8am-11am Daily) 

Single Session: $799/4-divers max


Freedive Hawaii Training Sessions are an opportunity to train for depth freediving in some of Hawaii's best depth freediving conditions alongside Freedive Hawaii Owner, USA National Freediving Champion & PADI Master Level Freediving Instructor Benjamin Zyons. 

All sessions are by hi-speed USCG certified boat. Floats, marked freediving lines & counter ballast (when needed) are supplied. A full selection of freediving equipment from Torelli USA, HiHeat Wetsuits, and CETMA composites are available for rent, demo or purchase.

Space is limited to 4 freedivers maximum. Generally with 2 freedivers per float and depths ranging from 30m/99ft to over 100m/330ft+ in depth.


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Guided Freediving Experiences

Come explore the beautiful underwater landscapes and marine life of Hawaii with our experienced freediving guides. Our staff has spent more than a decade dedicated to exploring the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands on a single breath. It's undeniable that we know Freediving in these waters better than anyone! Come visit some of Hawaii's most amazing underwater Freediving locations on our hi-speed dive boat


We can show you sharks, shipwrecks, pristine reefs, dolphins, whales, turtles, rays, pelagic fish & tons of other spectacular marine life!


Shared Charter Pricing:




Private Charter Pricing:


$1000/typically 4 divers max - CALL/TEXT (808).868.6474 for larger parties


A full selection of freediving equipment from Torelli USA, HiHeat Wetsuits, and CETMA composites are available for rent, demo or purchase. 


**Professional freediving photo and video packages are available upon request


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Freediving Equipment Rentals

Freediving Equipment Rental Pricing:

Low Volume Freediving Mask ($10/day)

Simple J-Snorkel ($2/day)

Freedive Specific Wetsuit ($25/day)

Freediving Rubber Weight Belt ($10/day)

Long Blade Freedive Fins ($25/day)

Hi-Performance Carbon Fiber Freedive Fins ($50/day)

Freediving Computer ($50/day) *required for depths greater than 30m*

Freediving Wrist or Belt Lanyard ($15/day) *required for depths greater than 30m*


All rental payments will be credited towards your balance should you decide to purchase equipment.


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  Spearfishing Guide Service Spearfishing Equipment Rentals 

  Spearfishing Guide Service


Alluring as spearfishing in Hawaii may seem, anyone who’s spent time exploring these islands
will quickly tell you there’s more than meets the eye. Hawaii’s spearfishing secrets are guarded by
constantly changing marine conditions, brief weather windows, limited coastal access, and
protective local spearfishermen. With over two decades of local spearfishing knowledge dedicated to hunting in these conditions we’ll do our best to put you on the fish and show you the underwater world of
Hawaii you always dreamed of!


Reef Spearfishing Charter Pricing:

(3 Divers Max)

Shared Charter: $275/person (6am-Noon)

Private Charter: $800 (6am-Noon)


Bluewater Spearfishing Charter Pricing:

(3 Divers Max)

Shared Charter: $375/person (5am-Noon)

Half-Day Charter: $1100 (5am-Noon)

Full-Day Charter: $1500 (5am-2pm)


Freedive Hawaii Guided Spearfishing trips target a mix of
Deeper Reef Fish such as; Uku, Mu, Ulua, & Goatfish. Bluewater Spearfishing trips target a mix of Large Pelagic’s such as; Rainbow Runner, Mahi-Mahi, Ono, Ahi, & Billfish. All of our vessels are equipped with GPS/Fish Finder Combo, all USCG required safety devices. 


While we're always happy to help advise our guests on
techniques & valuable strategies for spearing local fish Freedive Hawaii Guided Spearfishing trips are NOT instructional spearfishing trips for beginner freedivers. If you're unsure what level of freediving & spearfishing ability is required please feel free to contact us at: (808).868.6474.


Don't want to travel with your spearfishing gear, no probelm! We carry a full selection of the highest quality spearfishing equipment from Torelli Spearfishing USA, HiHeat Wetsuits, Aussie Reel USA, UluSub Spearfishing Co. & locally handcrafted wood spearguns from our main sponsor KAP Spearguns. Having the right tools for the job means we're on our game and you’re on the fish!



If you're looking for Instructional Spearfishing we're happy to point you in the right direction! Please feel free to check out our friends at Fish Maui who offer classes with the following companies; Maui Spearfishing Academy, South Maui Spearfishing, Top Shot Spearfishing, Lopaka Wilson Hawaiian Adventures or if you're headed to Big Island give our friends at Bluewater Hunters in Kona a call for a Pelagic Spearfishing Adventure!


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Spearfishing Equipment Rentals 

Spearfishing Equipment Rental Pricing:

Spearfishing Mask ($10)

Freediving Snorkel ($2/day)

Hi-Heat Wetsuit ($25/day)

Freedive Weight Belt ($10/day)

Plastic Long Blade Freediving Fins ($25/day)

Carbon Fiber Long Blade Freediving Fins ($50/day)

Spearfishing Dive Knife ($10/day)

Spearfishing 100ft Float-Line ($25/day)

Spearfishing 40L Bluewater Dive Float ($50/day)

Torelli "Euro-Style" Spearguns w/ Reel $50/day

Kap Custom Bluewater Spearguns $100/day


All rental payments will be credited towards your balance should you decide to purchase equipment.


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Personalized yoga, luxury retreats, corporate workshops, guided breath-work, meditation,
fitness training, guest speaking & other life-changing experiences are hosted at Lumeria Maui and available by contacting us via phone or email. 

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